C'YaPass: Forget All Your Passwords

Never Memorize A Password Again
Never Type A Password Again
Never Make Up A Password Again

Say Goodbye To Password Notebooks, Spreadsheets & Sticky Notes

You don't have to write your passwords down any more.  There's a better way now. Watch the included video to see C'YaPass in action.

Are Sticky Notes For Real?

I recently went into a coworker's cubicle to give him a printed document he had requested a signature on.  He wasn't there so I slid it under the keyboard.  When I did, it only went so far so I picked up the keyboard and noticed a sticky note was jammed under there.  Oh no!  

Do People Really Use Password Notebooks?

The following amazon product link (opens in a new tab/window) shows you where you can buy the password log book.  

The product has been selling like hot-cakes since 2010.  Obviously, many people employ their own generic notebooks also.

Notebooks Can Be A Good Option

These notebooks make sense.  They especially make sense for home-users -- people who have a large number of IDs / passwords to deal with related to bills and all the rest.

Helpful For People With Weak Memory

They also make great sense for an anyone whose memory may not be as good as it was in the past. 

Notebooks Must Be Kept Secure From Prying Eyes

However, these notebooks can be a problem too, if you have family members or others coming into the elderly person's house who might not be as trusted as you hope.  Bad stuff happens sometimes. Unfortunately people get curious and may decide they want to know grandpa's banking password.

What About Spreadsheets?

I spoke with a number of people who have to manage large number of passwords at work and they said they use a master spreadsheet which they keep encrypted on their computer or a server on the network.

Keeps the Honest People Honest

C'YaPass makes it so you never have to use any of those methods again.

C'YaPass will add an extra layer to keep your passwords out of the hands of physical intruders too.

Of course, it will also create stronger passwords for your use and it will always keep the big three promise:

Big Three Promise

  1. Never Memorize a Password Again
  2. Never Type a Password Again
  3. Never Make Up a Password Again

See It In Action, Before You Try It

I understand the software is new to you so you definitely want to see it in action before you try it.
The following video will show you the Windows version being used and then switch over and show you how you would then use the iPhone version to generate your password when you are mobile.

Get C'YaPass and Try It

iOS / iPhone / iPad

The iOS (iPhone / iPad) version is available for the first time today (12.08.2016) in the App Store at:



You can get the Windows version here at this site (just click the Get C'YaPass menu or follow this link: http://cyapass.com/page/get-c-yapass^


You can also get the Android version in the Google Play store at:


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