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Use The Web App

February 15, 2021
Because iOS is far more difficult and expensive (requires Mac, iPhone, iPad for testing and costly dev account) to develop and deploy for, I have created a PWA (Progressive Web App) so that iOS users can run it like an app on their iPhone or iPad.
You can try it out right here on this site: https://cyapass.com/js/cya.htm
The web app will even work offline (after you load it the first time, of course).
You can also choose, "Save it to my desktop" so you can find it easily by the desktop icon (C'YaPass icon).

Breaking news...

As of December 08, 2016 you can get C'YaPass for free in the App Store (iTunes).

Just follow this link :  C'YaPass in iTunes Store

More to come soon.  Please see the rest of cyapass.com for more about how the app works.