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How Is C'YaPass Different Than Other Password Managers?

It's time to start using something to manage your passwords.  However, the apps out there are all the same.  They save your password somewhere -- either in their database at their web site or in a file you have to manage.

Below is a list of ways C'YaPass is different along with a list links to other password managers.  No matter which password manager you choose -- even if you don't decide to us C'YaPass -- you really should start using one today.  There are too many passwords for us humans to manage strong ones for all our accounts and web sites.  Let the computer help you.

How is C'YaPass different than other password managers?

  1.  C'YaPass never stores your password anywhere.  Other password managers store your passwords at their site or in a file you manage.  C'YaPass generates your password from the pattern you draw and the site key you choose each time you run the app.  It does not store your password anywhere.  I know that sounds like magic.  You can read more about it and see screenshots here^.
  2. C'YaPass is always free.  Other password managers charge you a fee.  Here's a list of other password solutions with links and prices:
    1. KeePassX^ is also free, however it requires you to manage an encrypted file of all your passwords.  You have to sync the file across devices and I have a friend whose only file was corrupted and he could not recover his passwords.  It's also not very user-friendly for non-tech users.
    2. Dashlane^ is $39.99 a year.  
    3. LastPass Premium^ is $24/ yr  Yes, there is free versions of LastPass and many of these apps but the free versions don't allow you to sync your passwords across devices.  (Also, LastPass was hacked^.)
    4. Keeper Password Manager^ is $29.99 / yr 
    5. Password Boss Premium^ is $29.99 /yr
    6. AgileBits 1Password 6^ is $35.88 /yr
    7. Sticky Password^  $29.99 /yr
    8. RoboForm 8^ $19.99 /yr
    9. True Key (Intel)^ $19.99 /yr (for unlimited passwords) Is an interesting option that lets you sign on on compatible devices using your face or fingerprint.  Their promise is no more passwords. However, the free option is only available if you have 15 or fewer passwords.  Once you start using this you'll find that you most likely have upwards of 40 or more.  That's why passwords are so ridiculous.  We have far too many of them.
  3. You can use C'YaPass without signing up to any service. Just download the app for your platform (Android, iOS, Windows) and go.  Many of these services require you to sign up for an account on their site.  With C'YaPass you manage how you use the app.
Watch this video which shows how you C'YaPass in action across devices (shown on iPhone and Windows, but it is the same on Android).

Try It In Your Browser, Get the App Free

You can try it in your browser, here, on this site at: http://cyapass.com/js/cya.htm^
Once you try it in your browser and see how easy it is you'll want to get the Android, iOS and Windows versions for free.  
Here's where you can get the iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows versions.
iOS / iPhone / iPad

The iOS (iPhone / iPad) version is available for the first time today (12.08.2016) in the App Store at:



You can also get the Android version in the Google Play store at:



You can get the Windows version here at this site (just click the Get C'YaPass menu or follow this link: http://cyapass.com/page/get-c-yapass^