C'YaPass: Forget All Your Passwords

Never Memorize A Password Again
Never Type A Password Again
Never Make Up A Password Again

Nothing Can Make You Completely Safe, But You Can Be Safer

There are no guarantees for safety.  As soon as someone offers you a guarantee, someone else sees it as a security challenge to crack.   Fortunately there are ways to become more safe.  

Safe Enough Through Strength

However, if you use the correct tool, you will be so safe that it is too bothersome for nefarious characters to try to crack your security.  They'll move on to easier prey.

Convenience and Strength

A proper security tool should offer you convenience and strength.  We all know that if a tool is too difficult to use, people are going to ignore it, even if it makes them safe.  

That's a big reason that C'YaPass is focused on making your life easier.  That's why the big three ideas of C'YaPass are so important:

Big Three of C'YaPass

  1. Never type a password again
  2. Never memorize a password again
  3. Never make up a password again

In the End, It's Just A Password Generator

But, C'YaPass is no panacea, no cure-all.  It will :
  1. Make far stronger passwords than you could ever create
  2. Make it easier to sign in to your secure sites no matter what device you are using.

Even When Using C'YaPass, Think Strong

The strong you make your site/keys in C'YaPass, the better.
Here's how you can make stronger site/keys:
  • Make them longer
  • Put special chars in them
  • Use uppercase
Why would you do all of that?  in the extreme case where some hacker comes along and attempts to generate passwords based off of the billions of graphic patterns and unlimited site/key inputs it will make it more difficult for the hacker to get even close to your site/key.  Without your exact site key they'll never be able to get your final hash password.  

Here's An Extreme Example

Suppose you make your site/key something like any of the following:
  • yahoo
  • gmail
  • microsoft
Those may be common site/keys which could mean the nefarious actor would be half way towards a final hash.  Well, it's probably not even half way with all the graphic patterns she'd have to try also, but stronger is better.

You might create yours which look like the last two in the following image:

Of course, you can make the pattern you draw far more complex than my example also.

Why Would I Tell You This?

I reveal everything about C'YaPass so you can be the most secure possible.

Main Goal of My Work With C'YaPass

My goal is to get everyone to use C'YaPass, but a more important goal of mine is to :
Make Everyone More Secure
Make Hacking of People's Data More Difficult As A Deterrent

It we all simply become more conscious of security through many people considering passwords and we obtain stronger security, then I consider that a success.

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