C'YaPass: Forget All Your Passwords

Never Memorize A Password Again
Never Type A Password Again
Never Make Up A Password Again

Three Steps To Never Type Your Password Again

Once you have just one site/key entered into C'YaPass you will begin to realize the benefit of never having to type a password again.  It's as simple as three steps shown in the following series of images.

Choose Your Site/Key

Simply click on the item in your list of site/keys.


Here's a quick zoomed up look at the generated password.  Later we'll compare this to the one that is generated in the Anrdoid app.

Draw Your Pattern

This is your unique pattern that helps create the password for all your sites.

You can see the pattern we drew in the first image.

Paste The Password At Your Login Site

In this example, we'll sign into our mail account at Microsoft Live.

Just right-click on the password text box and choose the Paste item that appears in the context menu.

I've highlighted the password field in the next image to make it stand out.  You can see that the password box turns the characters into dots to hide them.

Not Necessarily All That Amazing

This isn't all that amazing, except of course you don't have to type your password.  On a computer, that's not too big of a deal because you have a physical keyboard.  

Consider Typing 64 Characters With Your Thumbs

However, imagine trying to type that 64 character password on a mobile device.  With C'YaPass you never have to again.  Let's take a look at the Android app as an example.

Android Sign On : No Typing With Your Thumbs

We can do this fast, because it's the same thing.

  1. Choose your site/key.
  2. Draw your pattern
  3. Paste the generated password.
It all looks like the following in the Android app:

It's The Same Complex Generated Password

Take a close look at the generated password.  It's the same generated password here on Android as you had generated in the Windows app.  

Same Two Elements

That's because you used the same :
  1. site/key
  2. drawn pattern
If you had altered either of those you'd have a completely different complex password.

To finish this out, here's what it looks like when you paste your password into the mail.live.com site:

It's true with C'YaPass: 

Never type a password again.  

Remember, C'YaPass also means :
  1. You will never memorize a password again
  2. You will never make up a password again.

Why Did I Create C'YaPass? Who Will Use It?

Passwords have become such a burden that many people escape them however they can.

Yet Another Password

Recently, my son began attending the local University.  I had to sign up for numerous new IDs during that time (a FAFSA fed id, another University ID tied to my son's, etc). 

How Real People Use Passwords

I was lamenting the problem of multiple IDs and passwords when my son's friend said, "You know what i do?"  Then without waiting she finished. "I just use one password for all of my accounts."

My jaw fell open and I said, "You are going to get hacked."

She said,

"Oh, I did.  My Facebook account got hacked.  You know what I did?  I just changed one letter in my password to an uppercase or something. It's just too much of a pain to think about all those passwords."

If you're tech savvy your first thought may be that someone who feels this way may not be intelligent.  I assure you this is a very smart person. She's an honors student at University.  This type of thinking may be naive, because the person believes it doesn't even matter if they do get hacked, but this is not about intelligence.  It's more about how annoying and overburdening passwords have become.

C'YaPass Is Perfect For Kids

It's perfect for kids who are probably going to take shortcuts to creating passwords. Get them to use it and help them have one more layer of security for their online accounts. 

You May Be Technically Savvy

You may be a technical savvy person who finds it easy to create cryptic passwords.  But most people are not great at it.  Help those people use C'YaPass.  

You May Have A Great Memory 

You may have the ability to memorize thirty different passwords to thirty different accounts but most people just take the path of least resistance. Those are the people that should be using C'YaPass.

You May Understand the Reality of Security

You may understand that there are real security issues and real hackers who can cause real problems if they get your information.  A lot of people just don't even consider the problem, because passwords are first and foremost a burden.

Those are the people I want to reach.  I want to give them any extra help to create the most secure accounts that I can.

I created C'YaPass to help everyone manage the overwhelming number of online accounts that most of us have now.  It's meant to be a simple tool that can be run universally (Windows, Android, soon-coming iOS (iphone / ipad).  

Manage All the Password Nonsense

Get it and use it for free.  I believe you'll find it serves to resolve a lot of the nonsense that is associated with the modern difficulty of password management.

A Password Generator? What? Why? How?

CYaPass Does Not Store Your Password

Here's the thing that may seem odd.  CYaPass does not store your password anywhere.


It generates your password every time.

It Doesn't Quite Look Right

When you see a really new thing, it doesn't quite look right.  I mean somebody probably would've already thought of this thing, right?

That's one of the reasons I'm so excited about CYa Pass, because it forces a paradigm shift of sorts.  Previously, everyone thought that you had to store the password in a file and keep it encrypted for the user.  Now, CYaPass changes that.

It does something so different that it shifts your thinking about passwords.

It's something like what Peter Thiel says in the preface of his current best-selling non-fiction book, Zero To One:

The act of creation is singular, as is the moment of creation, and the result is something fresh and strange.

How Can CYaPass Generate the Same Password Every Time?

It generates your password based upon two things:
  1. your site/key
  2. the pattern you draw. 
As long as you have the same value for your site/key and you draw the same pattern it doesn't matter if you're running the Android version or the Windows version, it will generate the same hash value password for you.

Here's the Android version running next to the Windows version.  You can see that when they both have the same site/key and pattern then the password hash is exactly the same.  It's not stored anywhere.  It's generated from those two data elements.

Alter The Site/Key Alters the Password

If you alter the site/key at all the generated password is altered, because it is generated off of new data.
In the next image you can see that I change the site/key from supersite to supersite1.  Even one character change alters the resulting password in a large way.

Changing the Drawn Pattern, Alters the Password

Of course if you change, just the pattern at all as I do in the next image you will see that even if the site/key has not changed, then the password is altered drastically also.  Notice that I both the Windows and Android apps are using the same site/key but I altered the pattern only on the Windows app, which alters that password.

Now The Passwords Match Again

Finally, I change the pattern on the Android app and that makes the passwords match again -- though they are, of course, different from the original ones since the pattern changed.

You can clearly see that these passwords are generated though they are not stored anywhere.
That's why you can generate the same values on two different systems even though they have no knowledge of each other.

Sign In From Any Device

That means as long as you know your site/keys and pattern you can re-generate your password on separate platforms so you can sign in from any device where you have the C'YaPass app.